Fluid leaks are an issue that many people in Mystic, CT run into. Here at Bob Valenti Volkswagen of Mystic, we want to help you identify seven common fluid leaks that you might encounter from your vehicle.

Brake fluid - The hydraulic system that your brakes work on requires fluid to operate correctly. Though this kind of fluid leakage is rare, you want to get it fixed immediately if it occurs.

Antifreeze - This fluid helps control the temperature of your engine, and it can leak if the engine gets too hot. This leakage is usually not very harmful, but you’ll want an inspection if it happens frequently.

Motor oil - Some cars with a lot of mileage may leak motor oil from the engine block. This issue can interfere with your car's start-up due to low oil pressure.

Water - Water puddles can often be the result of condensation, but abnormal water presence can be a sign that your cooling system is off.

Fuel - Fuel leakage often indicates problems with the engine tank or engine pump. Though this problem can waste gas, it is rare for this issue to cause serious consequences.

Battery acid - When a car battery takes damage, it can often leak battery acid. This acid is considerably caustic, and you will want to replace your battery immediately.

Differential fluid - This fluid lubricates the moving parts in your axle system. It is easy to spot due to the distinctive smell and continuous stream that the leak often causes.

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