Our team at Bob Valenti Volkswagen of Mystic knows that running over your child's tricycle is pretty frustrating, but you can make it a lot easier to avoid if you have a backup camera. Originally introduced into the automotive market as a way of ensuring that children and small pets weren't accidentally run over as someone was backing out of their driveway, backup cameras have proven to be very useful regardless of whether or not you have children.

A backup camera is mounted on the back of the vehicle, facing straight back. You can see exactly what's directly behind you because the image feeds up to the center console.

Because you can see what's directly behind you, you'll be able to avoid many living and inanimate objects that might be in your path while backing up in Mystic, CT. If a child runs behind your vehicle to retrieve a ball, you can see them. If you forgot to check to see if there were any of your children's toys behind your vehicle before leaving for work, you can check simply by looking in the center console area.

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