Maintaining a clean engine is a good idea, especially if you ever plan to sell the car. And you don't need to go any further than your driveway in Mystic, CT to clean it. All you need are a few cans of heavy-duty engine degreaser, a garden hose, water, and a scrub brush. Take a look at the steps below that Bob Valenti Volkswagen of Mystic has for you to get started today!

Before you get started, make sure that you disconnect the negative battery cable to protect your electrical components from becoming damaged. Next, use the scrub brush to clear away any noticeable dirt or debris that can be freely removed. Then, spray the engine with the heavy-duty engine degreaser and allow it to sit for no longer than 30 minutes. Use the scrub brush again to loosen any remaining dirt and debris. Finally, wash the engine with the garden hose. Inspect the results and repeat the entire process as needed.

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