Routine fuel system service comes with many benefits. However, unlike brake inspections, oil changes, and tire rotations, not every car owner invest in such a service. Fuel system cleanings could benefit cars and their drivers. The relatively simple-to-perform service may be worth exploring.

An essential aspect of the service involving cleaning the fuel system. In particular, a technician will clean the fuel injectors. Afterward, a driver may notice a vehicle experiences a better pick-up. Acceleration should improve when the fuel injectors aren’t clogged with dirt. Better gas mileage may be likely, as well. With improved fuel economy, a driver might save on fuel in Mystic, CT.

Besides cleaning the fuel system, the technician may examine various parts. The injectors aren’t the only components of the system. The filter, pump, and other parts are worth checking out. Perhaps something requires replacing.

At Bob Valenti Volkswagen of Mystic, our technicians can assist with fuel service requests. Ask about other routine services, as well.

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