What should Mystic, CT car owners know about fuel-efficient driving? Bob Valenti Volkswagen of Mystic has put together some simple automotive habits that can aid local motorists in the goal of consuming less fuel. Whether you prioritize lowering your current fuel costs or having less of a negative impact on your planet’s environment, these fuel economy tips will be ideal.

The next time you are on local roads, try to commute at the most steady and consistent pace you can. This may sound simple, but fuel use is significantly higher if your commute involves brief stints of acceleration and sharp dips in speed. For highway commuting, cruise control is proven itself to be quite fuel-efficient.

In addition to inconsistent driving, another culprit when it comes to poor fuel economy is slamming on the brakes. Avoid doing this, except for when you must in order to avoid an obstacle or another vehicle. Stopping gradually is far more fuel-efficient.

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