Synthetic motor oil is developed by scientists in order to create a product that functions superior to conventional motor oil. The fluid is made using specially chosen components to prevent loss from evaporation, increase viscosity and prevent a breakdown from heat and contaminants. Thus, synthetic oil keeps a vehicle's engine running properly longer by increasing the level of protection.

Although synthetic oil is more expensive than conventional products, there are reasons why vehicle owners use the synthetic alternative. Vehicle manufacturers may advise owners that synthetic oil must be used. Otherwise, the vehicle's warranty may become null and void. Thus, the owner assumes responsibility for any damage incurred by the powertrain.

Owners may prefer using synthetic oil in their vehicle, as the product provides a greater level of protection. Synthetic versions are designed to flow freely regardless of environmental temperature. When your vehicle needs an oil change, schedule an appointment with one of our Mystic, CT Valenti Volkswagen of Mystic technicians.

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