Sadly, many Mystic drivers do not know the difference between oversteer and understeer. In fact, plenty of drivers don't even understand why those terms are important. If you are concerned about the sensitivity of your vehicle's steering, then you should learn more about oversteering and understeering.

Oversteering refers to the front side of your vehicle having more grip than the back. That is what happens when the back end of your car slides out. Rear-wheel cars are more likely to experience problems with oversteering, and fortunately, it's not usually something to be concerned with. Oversteering is usually only dangerous in bad weather conditions.

And understeering refers to when you have a lack of grip. This is more likely to happen with a front-wheel drive car. It is usually easy to prevent because it is often caused by accelerating too early when you go into a curve. If you are having problems with oversteering or understeering, you should visit your local dealership.

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