Today, more and more parents are driving their kids to school rather than have them walking or riding the bus. While this gives parents a few more minutes with their children, it also means more and better car maintenance. We, at Valenti Volkswagen of Mystic, want you to have the knowledge of back-to-school safety and know how to care for your car.

Your owner’s manual, which should be stored in the glove compartment, lists the recommended maintenance intervals. Use this manual as a guideline on what your car may need and schedule an appointment. The manual will also show you where the emergency equipment is stored in case it’s needed. Keep your vehicle organized by storing backpacks, lunches, uniforms, etc. in the trunk where they won’t be in the way.

Lastly, always leave home a little earlier to allow for heavy traffic, bad roads or anything else that may use up time. Give us a jingle or stop at our dealership in Mystic, CT, and let us service your vehicle so it’s all ready for back-to-school driving.

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