Meet Our Sales Team

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  • Rob Valenti
    Dealer Principal
    1.800.699.2571 ext 260

    As a hands on owner Rob Valenti is always in his stores checking on customers and doing his best to make every customer a satisfied customer.

  • John Devine
    Sales Manager
    1-800-699-2571 Ex 302

    John Devine is a veteran of the automobile business. This New York transplant has been with Valenti VW from the day we opened and has made many friends and customers of the people he meets threw his seat on the board of the Garde Arts Center and his involvement in may other groups.

  • Dean Nocery
    Business Manager
    1.800.699.2571 ext 301

    Dean has been the business manager at Valenti VW for many years now. Dean has a very good relationship with the many banks he works with and works hard to get our customers the best finance package for their needs.

  • George Armstrong
    Certified VW Sales Consultant

    George is a veteran of the auto business with several decades of providing the best in customer service. Having been with Valenti Volkswagen the past few years George has quickly built a strong following of loyal VW customers.

  • Dan McDufee
    Certified VW Sales Consultant
    1.800.699.2571 ext 305

    Dan has been with Valenti VW for his whole car sales career. One of our most popular salespeople Dan continues to grow his customer following by simply treating people the way they should be treated and going the extra mile to assure customer happiness.

  • Myron LeAnna
    Certified Sales Consultant
    1.800.699.2571 ext 305

    Myron has been with Valenti VW for some time now. His willingness to go the extra mile and his easy going personality have made him an instant customer favorite.