A Few Winter Car Care Tips

At Valenti Volkswagen of Mystic, helping Mystic, CT motorists prepare for winter driving is one of our goals. Your vehicle faces challenges during the winter that include icy roads, freezing temperatures, and heavy snow, so follow these tips to keep your vehicle in optimal condition during this winter.

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DIY: Restore Your Headlights

When the headlights on your vehicle are in bad condition or blurry, then it is going to be harder for you to see when visibility is low. You may not notice that you need to have your headlights worked on until you are on a dark road at night, and you have trouble seeing. Consider DIY techniques to keep your headlights as clear as possible!


Catch Sight of the Volkswagen Jetta's Design

The Volkswagen Jetta is a popular compact sedan here at Valenti Volkswagen of Mystic. Many of our Mystic, CT shoppers are impressed with the Jetta because it comes with a plethora of innovative features and sports a unique, trendy design. Read further to learn more about the design of the Jetta.


The Advantages of a Clean Car

Your vehicle's sparkling exterior doesn't just give you a sense of accomplishment, it can even save you money. One of the simplest maintenance tasks drivers can do is also one of the most surprising ways to maintain your vehicle's value.


Staying Safe in the Volkswagen Golf is Easy

The Volkswagen Golf is a four-door hatchback that has a great deal of space. When you put the back seats down, you have a cargo area of 52.7 cubic feet. That's an important feature, but Valenti Volkswagen of Mystic wants you to be aware of the important safety features that the Golf provides when you are driving around in Mystic, CT.


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