Headlights are an essential safety feature. The sooner you see a potential hazard in the darkness, the sooner you can react. Don't ignore indicators of a defective bulb. Replace the bulb ASAP.

Reduced visibility when driving at night could be a bulb going bad. It could also be the result of hazing of the headlight housing. Either way, have an automotive technician inspect your headlights. Hazing is removable by polishing the housing. To avoid damaging the housing, have it cleaned by a professional. Replace a cracked housing.

On older vehicles, the headlight may be a sealed unit that requires replacement of the entire headlight assembly lens, housing, and bulb. With modern headlights, only the bulb is replaced. As simple as that sounds, bulb replacement needs to be performed by an automotive technician. Changing the bulb may require removing the front bumper. In Mystic, CT, have your headlights serviced by Valenti Volkswagen of Mystic.

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