In today's time, there are all kinds of in-vehicle technology available. One of the most recognizable brands has now become a part of this in-vehicle technology industry. This brand is Apple and the new technology is known as Apple Carplay. The new Apple Carplay is available in certain vehicles and it is a very safe option that is available so you can use your iPhone while in transit. Apple Carplay makes it easy for drivers to get directions, make calls, and listen to music while driving. The driver is able to do all these things without taking his or her eyes off the road.

The Apple Carplay app has Siri voice and Siri controls the vehicle's knobs, buttons, and touchscreens. When a driver wants to activate Siri all they have to do is press and hold the button on the steering wheel. Once Siri is activated the touchscreen inside the vehicle can be used to control Carplay.

The new Apple Carplay app makes driving safe and convenient. This new app is available for the vehicles here at our dealership so visit today and try the Apple Carplay app while test-driving a new vehicle.

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