Time and weather conditions will cause the belts and hoses that are an essential part of your vehicle's operating system to fray, crack or break. Our service technicians at Valenti Volkswagen of Mystic in Mystic, CT always advise our customers to practice preventative maintenance when it comes to belts and hoses in order to avoid expensive repairs months from now or even roadside emergencies.

Your car's water pump, air conditioning compressor, water pump fan, alternator, and power steering pump are just a few of the devices that require belts and pulleys in good operating order. The coolant system, the brake lines, and the fuel system utilize hoses that can rust, leak or crack over time. Check your vehicle manufacturer's recommended guidelines for replacing these items before you experience any trouble.

For your convenience, our service department is open early Monday through Saturday for all of your belt and hose repair needs. Call today for an appointment.

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